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Disposable Income Belgium

In-depth understanding of your target audience is the key to successful, data-driven marketing campaigns. By utilizing information about disposable income in Belgium, companies can identify and target the right audience, whether it be luxury consumers or budget-conscious families. This allows for efficient use of marketing resources and reaching the consumers that are crucial to the success of your business, through online, direct mail, or even out-of-home advertising.

Spotzi Profiling and Spotzi Targeting offer access to income data in Belgium as a standard feature, simplifying the process of customer analysis and strategy development. Don't waste time waiting for customer data that is needed now. Spotzi is the go-to choice for finding and targeting your ideal customers.

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About Belgium income demographics

What is consumer disposable income?

Disposable Income — or Purchasing Power — refers to the amount of money an individual has at their disposal over a particular period of time. In other words, it is their (or their household’s) net income after taxes and other employer deductions.

How to analyze income distribution in Belgium?

Spotzi offers disposable income data as a Belgium-wide index to enhance the comparability between different postal code boundaries.

We calculate the national average disposable income for each country, and set this as a baseline (index of 100). Postal codes with a higher average disposable income than the national average will index higher (an index of 101+). An index of 200 would indicate that a postal code’s average disposable income is twice that of the nation, and a postal code indexing at 50 would have half of the average disposable income when compared to the national average of Belgium.

In the example below you can find a map that gives more insight into the household income distribution in Belgium:

This map shows the Belgium income by region and helps you to compare local purchasing power with other areas. Belgian cities are excluded in this map.

What insights can you gain from this disposable income data of Belgium?

Assessing your target audience is crucial when marketing any product or service. The interests, budget, and lifestyle of a consumer or audience will impact any marketing campaign’s effectiveness—for better or worse.

Disposable income data provides valuable insights when targeting the right audience for your brand, and will therefore help you get the most out of each marketing campaign.

Here are some examples of what you can learn using Belgium’s disposable income data:

All data is expressed in the national currency of Belgium (Euro).

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Spotzi welcomes TomTom as a new data partner for global traffic and POI data.

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