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Mobile Traffic Data Denmark

Are you looking to gain a deeper understanding of where your customers or visitors are coming from? With Mobile Traffic Data from Denmark and our Spotzi Geomarketing Dashboards, it's not only possible, but easy. Not only will you be able to see where your visitors are coming from, but also gain valuable insights into who they are. This means you can analyze who you can reach with your billboard advertising, who is visiting your store locations, and even measure the impact of your online campaigns on offline visitors in real-time.

Our Spotzi Geomarketing platform is designed to help you visualize, analyze, and profile your data in a simple and intuitive way. By selecting a location, such as a billboard along a highway, café, shopping center, or any other point of interest, we'll provide you with a detailed visitor profile right away. And the best part is, the data is already ready for you to use, so you can start your analysis immediately.

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Mobile Traffic Data Denmark Explained

Mobile traffic data - also known as movement data, foot traffic data or mobile location data - is an invaluable tool for the assessment of retail establishments, out-of-home inventory, and more. Spotzi obtains anonymous mobility data by tracking over 200,000 mobile apps—both in Denmark and on a global level. Once acquired, our mobile app data provides valuable insights into audience travel patterns.

What are the benefits of using mobile location data?

Mobile location data can offer very interesting insights. For example, This data can be used to reveal the following:

Gain instant access to Danish mobile location data

Spotzi Dashboards offer immediate access to Denmark's mobile app data. Our team has streamlined location data analysis by taking complex data management out of your equation—saving you time and money.

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Business cases with mobile traffic data

Mobile location data is of special interest to companies that need to visualize and analyze both online and offline data. This is often the case for businesses with physical venues and/or inventory. Below you can read some examples and use cases for using mobile traffic data.

Determine a billboard target audience

(Digital) out-of-home companies interested in learning more about who they're targeting with each billboard and screen. For brands and companies it allows them to curate targeted and effective out-of-home campaigns.

DOOH audience measurement

Because OOH advertising is mostly experienced in public places it's very difficult to measure audience engagement. In addition, privacy also plays a major role and therefore there is not always enough data available for accurate measurement. Fortunately, accurate measurements and even predictions can be made with AI and other modern technologies. In this article about the future of visitation insights you can read more on how visitation reports and data is processed into AI driven prediction models.

Analyze store visits with retail foot traffic data

Store or business owners seeking greater insights into the consumer profiles of their visitors. In addition, retailers can also visualize movement data to map out catchment areas of their brick and mortar locations.

Measuring store visit attribution

How many people visited my store after seeing an online ad? You can measure it using foot traffic attribution and cross visitation data. This allows you to measure offline conversions like store visits in addition to online conversions.

Retargeting by geofencing a location

Do you want to re-engage site visitors via mobile? For example, those who saw a particular billboard. It's possible with location-based retargeting. This is how you keep your brand top-of-mind. Even after they have seen your billboard or visited your store.

Create visitor profiles in no-time with Spotzi

24/7 access to daily Danish mobile location data is available as a premium addon in our Spotzi Profiling or Targeting Dashboards. In this platform, our premium mobile traffic data is combined with intuitive high-end analytics tools.

Mobile Location Dashboard

This powerful solution allows you to make detailed insights with just a few clicks. Simply select your location of choice—anything from highway billboards to cafes, city landmarks, or gyms—and our dashboards will present you with a detailed visitor profile of your selection.

Access the Free Spotzi Explorer

Gain access to our free catalog of maps and dashboards. Find Postal Codes, learn more about global income differences or just get inspired by our community maps. Spotzi Explorer is our free solution for every marketer, researcher, student and beyond. Available as a stand alone solution and part of our price plans.

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