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Our world is more connected than ever. Our smartphone has become the most important device for surfing the Internet, checking the latest news and shopping online. In contrast, we also live in a world where we watch TV, listen to the Radio and cut out coupons from newspapers and flyers. Outside, we pass by Billboards and see screens with advertisements in elevators and supermarkets on a daily basis. This world seems far removed from the online world. It seems a challenge to bridge the gap between online and offline consumer behavior. But with the right tools and the right data, this is easier than you think.

Mobile Location data connects the online and offline world. We are able to analyze any location in the world with the help of smartphones that anonymously share their location when they pass by a predefined area (geofence).

The process for collecting location data involves several steps, including anonymization. Users consent to the sharing of their location data by logging in when prompted in an app or browser. SDKs then collect and transmit information about a user's location, including geographic coordinates and time spent. The location data is then cleansed, anonymized and merged into a database to create specific consumer profiles.
The processing of the data is also crucial in order to guarantee the privacy of the user. For example, we anonymize the locations of users by linking them to a zip code or by making the residential address inaccurate so that it cannot be traced to a specific address and therefore person.

For retargeting purposes device IDs will be pushed to publishers like Facebook and Google DV360. These device IDs will never be provided to our clients. There is a one-to-one connection between our database and the publisher platforms without any interaction needed by our clients.

In addition, we work continuously to maintain a watertight strategy on how personal data is handled, processed and used for campaigns - in line with the strictest privacy regulations. Furthermore, we have an action plan for deleting unused, irrelevant and outdated user data. Internal training and procedures also play an important role in regulatory compliance. All contracts of vendors and external suppliers of user data are audited to ensure regulatory compliance.

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