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Explore Austria's Vibrant Demographic Landscape with Spotzi's Geomarketing Tool. Uncover essential insights about your clientele: Who are your clients? Do they have families? What is their average age? Dive into Austria's dynamic age distribution down to the street and 4-digit postal code areas in 2022. With our data, we empower you to pinpoint the ideal age group for your marketing campaigns or projects.

What's Included?

Our population by age group dataset offers a comprehensive view of Austria's demographic composition and is part of Spotzi Profiling. This data is updated annually and covers the following categories and variables:


  • Total number of inhabitants

Age Bands

Available for the total, female, and male population.

  • Childhood: Age 0 - 5, Age 5 - 10
  • Adolescence, Teenager: Age 10 - 15, Age 15 - 20
  • Young Adult: Age 20 - 25, Age 25 - 30, Age 30 - 35, Age 35 - 40
  • Middle-Aged: Age 40 - 45, Age 45 - 50, Age 50 - 55, Age 55 - 60, Age 60 - 65
  • Elderly: Age 65 - 70, Age 70 - 75, Age 75 - 80, Age 80 - 85, Age 85 Years and Older


  • Total Male Population
  • Total Female Population


  • Total number of households
  • Average household size

This data is available at both the street and 4-digit postal code levels (2,230 areas).

Unlocking Targeted Advertising Success through Age Demographics

Understanding Austrian age demographics is a critical tool for marketers to create advertising that deeply resonates with their target audience. Different age groups possess unique preferences, values, and consumption habits. By delving into these demographics, marketers can tailor their messaging, visuals, and channels to craft more relevant and engaging campaigns. Whether you're catering to tech-savvy Gen Z, career-focused Millennials, or financially established Baby Boomers, age demographics provide invaluable insights for crafting advertising that not only captures attention but also fosters genuine connections with consumers, ultimately driving brand loyalty and sales. Spotzi Profiling and Targeting enable you to swiftly analyze age demographics and convert your insights into highly targeted marketing campaigns.

Customer Profiling with Austrian Age Demographics

Spotzi Profiling simplifies gaining deeper insights into the demographics of your potential customers in Austria. At Spotzi, you have the following options:

  • Location Profile: Gain insights into the people living around your location (e.g., store, billboard).
  • Customer Profile: Import customer addresses and create profiles based on their location.
  • Visitor Profile: Use high-quality data to identify store visitors or passersby near your billboard.
  • Location Analytics: Leverage age demographics and other Austrian data, such as competitor locations, to analyze promising new locations.

Targeting Austrian Customers Based on Age Demographics

After analyzing your locations with Profiling, Spotzi Targeting helps you turn your analysis into action. Spotzi Targeting offers assistance in perfectly targeting your desired audience with various enticing options:

  • Postal Code Targeting: Export a list of Austrian postal codes containing your target audience for your next campaign.
  • Address Targeting: Reach your high-potential audience with a Direct Mail campaign using our address targeting, obtaining a list of matching addresses.
  • OOH Targeting: Dazzle your audience with an outdoor advertising campaign, utilizing over 300,000 billboard and screen locations to reach your best-fit audience.
  • Online Targeting: Target or retarget your audience online using our mobile device IDs.

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