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The Global Audience Segments dataset categorizes people in Canada based on their travel to relevant stores, businesses, or other points of interest - therefore exposing audience media habits, hobbies, and consumer behaviors.

This dataset is a valuable tool for marketers and researchers aiming to understand and reach diverse Canadian and global audiences with various interests and demographic profiles.

What are Spotzi Audience Segments?

Spotzi's Global Audience Segments consist of 22 profile categories, partitioning audiences into 83 unique segments. For example, the Arts & Entertainment category includes profiles of book lovers, cinephiles, and music enthusiasts. The Auto & Boating category features segments for boaters and sailors, while the Family Status category covers new parents and those who love cats and dogs.

Spotzi's Global Audience Segments are available in the following countries*:

  • North America: USA, Canada
  • Europe: UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland
  • Oceania: Australia
  • Africa: South Africa

*Available segments may vary by country.

Which audience segments are available?

Please check below for a list of all available Audience Segments by category.

    • Bookworms
    • Cinephiles
    • Music Lovers
    • Video/Photography Enthusiasts
    • Arts & Crafters
    • Theatergoers
    • Live Music Lovers
    • Automotive Shoppers
    • Boaters & Sailors
    • Boating Shoppers
    • Gas Station Visitors
    • Auto-parts Shoppers
    • Business Professionals
    • Post-Secondary Attendants
    • Keeping it Green
    • Nature Lovers
    • New Parents
    • Pet Parents
    • Cat Lovers
    • Dog Lovers
    • Designer Brand Lovers
    • Upscale Fashionistas
    • Jewelry Lovers
    • Shoes Shopaholics
    • Hair & Makeup Artists
    • Planning for Retirement
    • Mobile Bankers
    • Active Investors
    • Total Foodies
    • Home Cooks
    • Restaurant Enthusiasts
    • Fast Food Lovers
    • Fine Diners
    • Coffee Lovers
    • Casual Gamers
    • Serious Gamers
    • eSports Fanatics
    • Gym Goers
    • Ski Resort Visitors
    • Surfers
    • Home Improvers
    • Sports Fans
    • American Football Fans
    • Baseball Fans
    • Basketball Fans
    • College Sports Fans
    • College Football Fans
    • College Basketball Fans
    • Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts
    • Camping Enthusiasts
    • Extreme Sports Enthusiasts
    • Fishing Enthusiasts
    • Golfing Enthusiasts
    • Hunting Enthusiasts
    • Hockey Fans
    • Fantasy Sports Players
    • Australian Football Fans
    • Cricket Fans
    • Rugby Fans Soccer Fans
    • UFC Fans
    • Tech Enthusiasts
    • Home Automation Enthusiasts
    • Tech Shoppers
    • Life of Luxury
    • Singles
    • Movers & Sellers
    • Department Store Shoppers Flower Fanciers
    • Office Supply Shoppers
    • Business Travelers
    • World Travelers
    • Commuters
    • Car Renters
    • TV Watchers
    • Pharma Shoppers

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