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Education, Work and Commute

Canada · Demographics

Our Demographics package in Canada is available at Dissemination Area level and offers data pertaining to the education, work and commute of Canadian residents. Each data variable is available as a percentage of the total population within each selected Dissemination Area.

What is included?

At the Dissemination Area level, this dataset includes some of the following key features:

Education Insights

  • Study locations: Canada, Outside of Canada.
  • Common Programs of Study
  • Common Fields of Study
  • Highest Academic Qualification: Bachelor's Degree, College or Trade Certificate, Graduate Degree, High-School Diploma and No High-School Diploma.
  • Study Locations by Continent
  • Study Locations by Country

Work & Employment Statistics

  • Employment: Contract, Location, Rate, Term, Current Employment, Workplace Location, Work in Past Year, Kind of Employment and Average Number of Weeks Worked.
  • Languages Most Used in Workplace
  • Personal Occupational Field
  • Personal Occupation Type

Commute Insights

  • Daily Commute Start Time
  • Average One-Way Commuting Time
  • Primary Mode of Commute
  • Commuting Distance
  • Commuting as a Driver VS Passenger
  • Unlock a deeper understanding of Canada's demographics with our comprehensive dataset, now available exclusively through Spotzi Profiling and Spotzi Targeting. This dataset dives into education, work, and commute, providing valuable insights that empower marketeers to refine their campaigns and gain a competitive edge in the market.

    At the Dissemination Area level, this dataset includes some of the following key features:

    • Professions: Gain clarity on the diverse range of professions held by individuals, allowing you to tailor your products or services to their needs.
    • Employment Contracts: Understand whether people are employed on a permanent or part-time basis, helping you refine your messaging and offerings.
    • Educational Background: Explore the educational paths individuals have taken, including the specific fields of study they pursued, enabling you to target audiences with relevant content.
    • Commute Duration: Access information on how long individuals spend commuting, allowing you to optimize advertising strategies for different commuting groups.
    • Workplace Language: Learn about the languages spoken at work, ensuring that your marketing messages resonate with the linguistic preferences of your target audience.
  • There are numerous other demographic datasets available for Canada, covering a wide range of demographics. These include information on:

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