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Our Demographics package in Canada is available at Dissemination Area level and offers data pertaining to the household demographics of Canadian residents. Each data variable is available as a percentage of the total population within each selected Dissemination Area.

What is included?

At the Dissemination Area level, this dataset includes some of the following key features:

Household Insights

  • Households: Total Number of Households, Average Number of Persons in Private Households, Number of Persons per Household, Average Size of Census Families and Average Number of Children per Census Family.
  • Population: Total Number of Inhabitants.
  • Age Groups: Average Age of the Population, Median Age of the Population, Age Bands (0 - 4, 4 - 10, ..., 90- 94 etc.) and Age of Primary Household Maintainers.
  • Household Types: e.g. Household without Children, Single Person Households etc.
  • Marriage Status: Household without Children, Married, Not Married and Not Common-Law.
  • Gender: Male, Female.
  • Non-Family Households: Living with Other Relatives, Living with Non Relatives Only or Living Alone.
  • Unlock in-depth insights into household composition and housing across Canada with our exclusive Demographics Dataset, accessible through Spotzi Profiling and Spotzi Targeting. At the Dissemination Area level, this dataset includes some of the following key features to empower marketeers:

    • Primary Household Maintainer's Age: Understand the age of the primary household maintainer, enabling tailored marketing approaches to different age groups.
    • Average Household Size: Gain insights into the average household size, helping you target products and services effectively.
    • Rooms per Dwelling: Discover the number of rooms in each dwelling, allowing you to tailor offerings to fit various housing sizes.
    • Families with Children: Identify the number of families with children, a critical demographic for family-oriented marketing campaigns.
    • Period of Construction: Learn when dwellings were constructed, aiding in marketing strategies related to renovation, real estate, and more.
  • There are numerous other demographic datasets available for Canada, covering a wide range of demographics. These include information on:

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