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This data offers a comprehensive glimpse into the population's social and household makeup, including details on household size and family structure. We source this data from national statistical bureaus and local surveys, and use advanced geographic modeling to present this data at a detailed regional level.

What data is included in this household demographics dataset of The Netherlands?

Each data variable is available as a sum, or as a percentage of the total population within each selected area. For The Netherlands, this data is available at both the street and 4-digit postal code level. Please see below for the list of included data variables:


  • The Number Of Inhabitants


  • Total Number Of Households
  • Average Household Size
  • Average Number Of Persons In Private Households*
  • Number Of Persons Per Household: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5+*
  • Average Number Of Children Per Census Family*

Household Types

  • Single-Person Households
  • Multiple-Person Family Households
  • Multiple-Person Non-Related Households
  • Households Without Children
  • Households With Children
  • Single Parent Households
  • Non Census Family Households*
  • Single Person Households*
  • Couple Family Households*
  • Multiple Census Family Households*
  • Multi-generational Households*
  • Census Family Households With Additional Persons*
  • One Parent Family Households - Male Parent*
  • One Parent Family Households - Female Parent*

Non-Family Households

  • Living With Other Relatives*
  • Living With Non Relatives Only*
  • Living Alone*

Marriage Status

  • Married*
  • Not Married & Not Common-Law*


  • Dutch*
  • European*
  • Non-European*

*Information is accessible at the 6-digit postal code level as part of an additional Demographics package.

  • Our Demographics package in the Netherlands is accessible at the smallest 6-digit postal code level, ensuring precision and granularity for users seeking specific audience information. The datasets and variables encompassed in this package empower users to explore and analyze the diverse demographic characteristics that shape Dutch society. Each data variable is available as a sum, or as a percentage of the total population within each selected area.

  • Spotzi's demographic datasets draw from various sources and methods, primarily national demographic data from each country's statistical bureaus (census) and municipal surveys. These data are transformed into detailed regional datasets using geographic modeling techniques. The demographic data includes information about inhabitants and households, as well as household types.

  • Analyzing household demographics data is a powerful advantage for advertisers seeking to optimize campaigns and maximize ROI. By harnessing this information, advertisers can precisely target their audience, ensuring their message reaches the right households for higher conversion rates. This not only enhances campaign effectiveness but also significantly reduces ad spend on irrelevant audiences. Leveraging household demographics data is the key to running cost-effective advertising campaigns that deliver superior results and drive business growth.

    Spotzi can help you turn household demographics into actionable insights for your next advertising campaign, with a user-friendly platform to identify and understand your best-fit audience and target them effectively.

  • At the 4-digit postal code level, there are 4,072 areas in this dataset.

  • Spotzi Profiling simplifies gaining deeper insights into the demographics of your potential customers in The Netherlands. At Spotzi, you have the following options:

    • Location Profiling: Gain insights into the households around your location (e.g., store, billboard).
    • Customer Profiling: Import customer addresses and identify their household types.
    • Visitor Profiling: Use high-quality data to identify store visitors or passersby near your billboard.
  • After analyzing your locations with Profiling, Spotzi Targeting helps you turn your analysis into action. Spotzi Targeting offers assistance in perfectly targeting your desired audience with various enticing options:

    • Postal Code Targeting: Export a list of Dutch postal codes containing your target audience for your next campaign.
    • Address Targeting: Reach your high-potential audience with a Direct Mail campaign using our address targeting, obtaining a list of matching addresses.
    • OOH Targeting: Dazzle your audience with an outdoor advertising campaign, utilizing over 300,000 billboard and screen locations to reach your best-fit audience.
    • Online Targeting: Target or retarget your audience online using our mobile device IDs.

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