Spotzi Location

Jumpstart your company.

Visualize your data

We believe that maps are the key to creating new insights and finding new opportunities. After all, a map is worth more than any spreadsheet (e.g. Excel). With our Spotzi Location Plan, we offer the data and tools to map your data in just a few steps.

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Geocode addresses

Turn addresses into maps

Turn your list of addresses into dots on a map with Spotzi Location. This plan contains a geocoder that automatically adds coordinates to each address in the world. Extensive toolsets let you add text, photos, videos to each location. The ideal tool to map your assets, stores, billboards and whatever you think or yourself.

Territory mapping

Map by Postal Code

Spotzi Location also includes the geographic boundaries of many postal code areas in the world. This allows you to create heatmaps with sales territories, turnover per postal code, number of customers per postal code and whatever comes to mind. Our Postal Code Boundaries are a unique add-on to create insights you never knew existed.

Easy mapping tools

Easy to use

We created Spotzi with you in mind. You can easily change the color of a postal code area or address on the map. You don't need to be a data expert to work with Spotzi Location. Just drag and drop your data and let Spotzi do the work.

Turn Excel into maps

More than mapping

Let your database explode. We offer filters that only plot the data you need. For instance postal codes with the highest turnover. It doesn't stop there. You can export your results to an Excel sheet so anyone else in your organization can work with the data. You will impress the rest.

Easy to use

You don't need to be a data expert to use Spotzi Location.

Includes Postal Codes

Simply map your data by Postal Code

Always up to date

Our Postal Code Boundaries are updated on a regular basis

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