A must-have geomarketing package.

With Spotzi Professional, you have access to a user-friendly platform for the most advanced geomarketing analytics. Without any time-consuming data management. Our solution is designed for decision makers looking for data-driven answers. In just a few clicks.

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A must-have geomarketing package.

Consumer Styles

Data-driven consumer segmentation

The more data, the more detailed your consumer profiles will be. At Spotzi, you combine the power of our reliable data sources and bring them together in your profiles. You select the properties and we show you where to find your best-fit customer. In just a few clicks, you can turn big data into insights.

Data-driven consumer segmentation

Trusted Data Sources

The best consumer data. At your fingertips.

With our data partners GfK and Vividata, you have access to the best consumer data in the market without having to worry about updates and other time-consuming data management tasks. Our data professionals ensure that your data is verified and up-to-date. We offer you the ability to analyze your audience at postal code level. For more targeted marketing campaigns we offer the ability to target down to address level.

The best consumer data. At your fingertips.

Connect Your Data

The best consumer data. At your fingertips.

Based on your customers’ locations we can add numerous additional characteristics to your consumer data. This allows you to create a customer profile of your existing customers in no time and to gain more insights into information like demographics, housing, (disposable) income and consumer behaviour. Finally we help you find lookalikes so you can grow your business.

The best consumer data. At your fingertips.

POI Finder

Perform a competitive analysis

Do you want to conduct a competitive analysis in a particular area? With Spotzi, you don’t have to search for every store location of every direct or indirect competitor. Just pick the area where you want to establish your new business, select the industry or company names of your competitors and we will provide you a map with every location. We enable you to perform this time-consuming competitive analysis in just a few clicks.

Perform a competitive analysis

Mobile Location Data

Traffic Data

Understand movement patterns using cutting edge mobile data that tracks mobile devices along different locations. The Spotzi platform can provide time of day, day of the week or monthly seasonality of traffic patterns for both outdoor and indoor locations. The perfect tool to map traffic patterns. More importantly we can also show you the type of audience passing by an out-of-home location or your store.

Traffic Data

We’ll cover all your bases…

When you choose Spotzi, every plan includes the following benefits:

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Customer Story

How to find new sponsors

Data driven marketing in Soccer - How Dutch soccer club FC Groningen is using Spotzi to grow their fanbase and find new sponsors.

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OOH + Mobile Ads: Your 2022 Marketing Dream Team!

Spotzi’s disposable income data allows marketers and brands to target consumers based on shopping personality and brand loyalty.

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Our dashboards allow you to immediately start analyzing out-of-home inventory or retail locations—all with the click of a button.

Are you a data scientist looking for a more advanced analytics solution? Spotzi Enterprise offers users all the necessary tools to perform complex data analytics. Any findings can then be shared or exported via our easy-to-build dashboards—allowing you to prioritize data analytics without worrying about the future accessibility of your insights.

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