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We help you sell your Out of Home ad to the right audience.
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Increase the effectivity of your campaigns with Spotzi

Be relevant with our Out of Home dashboard. Create the most relevant campaigns for the audience passing by a Billboard. The result: satisfied customers and more revenue.

Visualize your billboards

Visualize your billboards

Manage your billboards in our Out of Home Dashboard. Easily add photos, spec sheets and everything you want to show your clients. The result is an interactive map with which you can impress your clients. They can view all information about your assets, filter the ones they like and ask for a quote.

Analyze your audience

Analyze your audience

Our dashboards are not only beautiful but also offer more insights. We partnered with mobile location data company Ubermedia. Ubermedia knows which mobile devices pass by a certain location and where these devices come from. By adding our data we can give you an extremely detailed overview of the type of people that pass by a certain billboard. This helps you show the most relevant ad to the audience passing by.

Realize your advertisement

Realize your advertisement

Satisfied customers is our goal. Offer your clients the possibility to retarget the audience that has seen an out of home ad. Repetition is the key to a successful campaign. We help you extend your out of home campaign to mobile devices. With our data we will make sure the ads are being served to the most relevant audience.

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Visualize your data with Spotzi Location. Upload your postal code and address data and instantly turn them into maps. Discover hidden patterns you never knew existed.


Analyze your data with Spotzi Insights. We added Market Ready Dashboards that instantly show you opportunities to grow your business. It’s like driving a formula one car on autopilot.


Create results with Spotzi Studio. Create your own dashboards, connect your CRM or use our campaign management tools. You will definitely beat the competition with Spotzi Studio.

“Thanks to Spotzi's tools, we offer customers insights and fast service at lightning speed. This also ensures that we can remain at the forefront of a market that is constantly changing. ” - Branded Cities

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Whether you are new to data analytics or already an expert. We offer solutions for everyone. You don’t need to be a data expert to work with Spotzi Location. For more tailor made solutions we offer Spotzi Studio. With this plan you cannot only manage the data yourself but also connect to our API and manage users for the dashboards you create. Or work with our Market Ready Dashboards and drive on autopilot.