What is a geoJSON?

What is a geoJSON file?

A GeoJSON file format is an open standard format that contains both geospatial data and attribute data. The geoJSON format is extended from the JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) standard format. The geoJSON-file filename usually ends with a .geojson-suffix. The geoJSON file contains both geospatial data and more information about an attribute. That’s why the geoJSON format doesn’t need any other files. The geoJSON format is a format that is used by popular GIS software like QGIS, ArcGIS, Tableau Software and the Spotzi Mapbuilder. This format is also very popular for development purposes.

What software opens a geoJSON?

  • Arcgis
  • QGIS
  • Tableau Software
  • Spotzi Mapbuilder


A complete geoJSON dataset contains the following specifications when exporting from Spotzi:

What is a geoJSON?
  • The_geom* lines contain the data that is needed to draw the points, lines or polygons on the map;
  • Below the geom properties there are the attributes that tell more about the data.

The_geom and the_geom_webmercator contains all the data to draw the points, lines or polygons. The type of attribute doesn’t make any difference. Another type of geoJSON may look like this. This type doesn’t contain a geom and geom_webmercator, but contains the coordinates (in case of a point layer) or a string of coordinates (in case of a line or polygon layer).

What is a GeoJSON?

Associated filename extensions

  • .geojson
  • .json