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Disposable Income The Netherlands

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Disposable Income refers to an individual or household's net income once taxes and other employer deductions are taken into account. In other words, it is the amount of money an individual has for spending on essential and non-essential goods and services.

What is included in this income dataset?

All data is also calculated as a total (in Euros), a percentage (%) and as an index - with an index of 100 representing the average disposable income per selected administrative level. The disposable income data for The Netherlands is available at street and 4-digit postal code level.

Our Dutch Disposable Income datasets include the following variables:


  • Total Number of Inhabitants


  • Total Number of Households

Disposable Income

  • Total Disposable Income
  • Average Disposable Income per Inhabitant
  • Average Disposable Income per Household
  • Disposable income is also known as purchasing power. Purchasing power simply is the amount of money a person has left to buy products. It is a good indicator of the economic wealth of certain areas. Having access to this data greatly improves strategic decisions you make.

    The Purchasing Power data highlights regions where high numbers of potential buyers live. By concentrating your marketing efforts on these regions, you can generate better results, increase efficiency, and conserve resources.

  • The chief data source used for the compilation of the purchasing power figures is each country's distribution of income-information obtained through an analysis of official tax statistics. In the case of countries for which this kind of information is only partially or not at all available, other factors are considered, such as data on demographics, the workforce, unemployment figures, etc.

    In the case of countries without official population statistics at the level of postcodes, population data is calculated. Area-based projections are being avoided as much as possible. The calculation of highly accurate purchasing power figures is possible using mathematical formulas that have been refined over the course of many years.

  • At the 4-digit postal code level, there are 4,072 areas in this dataset.

  • Spotzi's geomarketing tool, Spotzi Profiling, effectively leverages this data. It provides in-depth insights into income and other characteristics, enabling personalized marketing for various customer segments.

    Together, the Disposable Income dataset and Spotzi tools create a potent resource, empowering marketers to comprehend disposable income trends and income distribution across different regions of the country, guiding improved planning and more intelligent selling techniques.

    How does it work?

    Location is key to our geomarketing platform. It serves as the means by which we can link more data to your customers' locations, extracting valuable insights from your customer data.

    With Customer Profiling, you can enrich your customer list in just a few steps with this dataset on disposable income, gaining deeper insights into your most valuable customers.

  • Spotzi Targeting make excellent use of this data. Spotzi Targeting allows businesses to group people with similar locations and income levels, enabling the creation of ads that truly connect and result in better sales and returns on investment.

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