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Employment in the United States

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Our Demographics package in the USA offers data pertaining to the employment statistics of residents of the United States of America at Census Block Level. Each data variable is available as a sum, or as a percentage of the total population within each selected area.

What is included?

At the Census Block level, this dataset includes some of the following key features:

Job Sector

  • Forestry/Fishing/Hunting/Mining
  • Arts/Entertainment/Accommodation/Food
  • Construction
  • Education/Health/Social Services
  • Finance/Insurance/Real Estate
  • Information
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail/Trade
  • Scientific Management/Waste Services
  • Transport/Warehousing/Utilities
  • Wholesale Trade
  • Other Non-Public Admin

16+ Population Labor Status

  • In Labor Force
  • Not In Labor Force
  • In Armed Forces

16+ Civilian Employment Status

  • Employed
  • Unemployed
    • Job Sector: Marketers can use this data to tailor their strategies based on the industry of their target audience. For example, businesses offering services or products specific to the manufacturing sector can create targeted campaigns for individuals working in that industry, ensuring more relevance and resonance.
    • 16+ Population Labor Status: Understanding the labor status of the population aged 16 and above allows marketers to customize their messages accordingly. For instance, educational institutions might target individuals not currently in the labor force with advertisements for career development programs, while recruitment agencies may focus on those actively in the labor force.
    • 16+ Civilian Employment Status: This data variable provides insights into the civilian employment status of individuals aged 16 and above. Marketers can use this information to tailor promotions, with strategies differing for employed individuals, who may respond well to career enhancement offerings, and unemployed individuals, who may be interested in job-seeking services or training programs.
  • This demographic data is typically available at the census block level. These blocks are smaller, more detailed units designed for statistical purposes, enabling a more precise analysis of population, housing, and demographic data. Census blocks may vary in size and shape but are generally more localized compared to ZIP codes.

    Still looking for demographic data at the postal code level? Contact sales.

  • There are numerous other census data datasets available for the United States, covering a wide range of demographics. These include information on:

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