I want to export my map to a csv file, but the csv has cells with large amounts of text

I want to export my map to a CSV file, but the CSV has cells with large amount of text.

Have you ordered a map in the Datashop and do you want to export the data in this map to a csv? When exporting this data to csv, you often get a csv with fields with large amounts of text. These amounts of texts make the csv very unclear (like in the example below).

CSV with Geometry

What you want in this case is a better structured csv without this long lines of text. Especially if you want to use this csv to join with one of your maps.

How to solve this?

To make sure that your csv export doesn’t contain these large lines of text. You have to remove the geometry (this is the data that is needed to draw the points, lines or polygons on the map). In every dataset this geometry is collected in the_geom or the_geom_webmercator column.

Please note that you first export the map to a shapefile/geojson file in case you lose the geometry of the map. Than you always have a backup.

1. First go to the dataset that you want to export to a CSV. Press view dataset and open the SQL box.
2. Now fill in the following query to delete the geometry of the data.

UPDATE {name of the dataset}
SET the_geom = NULL, the_geom_webmercator = NULL

3. Now you can see that the geometry column only has empty (NULL) values. If you now go to the Map View, you will see that no map can be created.
CSV with Geometry

4. Now export the data to CSV. When you open this CSV, you will see that the csv doesn’t contain any large lines of text.