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Consumer Behaviour


In our dashboards you can zoom into the spend on certain product groups. In just a few clicks you can highlight the areas where your product has the greatest chance of being sold. However, that is easier said than done. If the message you're sending to your audience isn't right or you're using the wrong media, you're still wasting your marketing dollars. The key is to understand the behaviour of your (potential) consumers. What TV channels do they watch, how much time do they spend online, and are they likely to buy a product after seeing an ad on a Billboard?

To help you answer these questions, we work with some high-quality data partners. In this blog we zoom in on our collaboration with Vividata in Canada.


Vividata surveys approximately 40,000 Canadians each year. The result of Vividata's research is a database of 60,000 variables, divided into 26 categories. The Canadian population reaches nearly 38 million people. So how can we map the consumer behaviour of all Canadians if Vividata only surveyed 40,000 Canadians? That's where Spotzi comes in. First of all, all data is analyzed and processed by our data analysts. Then Machine Learning algorithms project these surveys to the Canadian population. The results are insights into the consumer behaviour of every Canadian. Insights into consumer behaviour helps you set up the right marketing campaign. It helps you to send the right message to the right audience. It also helps you choose the right media. The result is more revenue while still using the same marketing dollars.

Consumer Behaviour

Spotzi Insights

The Consumer Behaviour can be purchased as an add-on to Spotzi Insights. Spotzi Insights offers all the right tools to help you build the most targeted marketing campaigns possible. Firstly, by uploading your customer base in our Spotzi Insights Dashboards we instantly show you the Consumer Behaviour of your customers. Secondly, we show you look-alike audiences to target. The result is an interactive dashboard that helps you define the best marketing strategy.

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