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Detailed consumer behaviour data is an unparalleled asset when it comes to gaining real, lucrative insights into your audience’s habits and mindset. Spotzi’s Consumer Behaviour dataset uses Vividata’s Consumer Studies — the largest syndicated consumer studies in Canada — to offer users diverse insights into Canada’s population.

Instant access to Canada’s Consumer Behaviour dataset is offered as a part of our Spotzi Professional dashboard. Our intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use data tools have streamlined the process of key audience targeting.

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Keep scrolling to learn more about Canada’s Consumer Behaviour data, our reliable data sources, and how consumer behaviour data can power your marketing efforts.

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 Vividata’s  consumer research dives deep into the likes, dislikes, habits, and even purchase intentions of nearly 40,000 Canadians. Are you interested in the favored travel destinations amongst Toronto’s snowbirds? Would you like to look into how many Canadian consumers rely on ads to stay up-to-date on tech? Vividata surveys check in with consumers about their preferred modes of travel, their eating habits and dining preferences, their hobbies, their responses to various kinds of advertising, and much more.

Consumer Behaviour Canada

Spotzi’s Consumer Behaviour dataset offers over 10,000 different survey data variables. These variables have been divided into 26 categories for ease of navigation.

All of this data can be visualized on a map using our dashboards — you can choose to locate certain kinds of consumers at a postal-code level, or look into the consumer behaviour of your existing customers or OOH audience. This detailed look into the Canadian population helps users maximize the efficiency of their marketing efforts while gaining insights into what exactly influences the Canadian consumer.

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Consumer Behaviour: Variable Categories

10,000 Vividata variables have been divided into the following categories, and all are available to be visualized within your Spotzi dashboards at postal-code level. Click on any of the categories below to get more information about what’s included within that variable category.

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Our Sources

Spotzi is proud to use  Vividata’s  consumer behaviour survey data to power our Consumer Behaviour dataset. Vividata continues to be a leader in Canadian cross-media and consumer research, and releases survey data of nearly 40,000 respondents 3 times per year. All of this data is processed by Spotzi’s data analysts prior to being projected across the Canadian population via our proprietary machine learning algorithms. This process of calculated data projection allows users to analyze the entirety of Canada’s population at a postal code level.

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Consumer Behaviour Canada

How can you use consumer behaviour data?

Here are some examples of how you can use Consumer Behaviour data for your business:

  • Search for consumers within a specific age bracket who partake in a hobby or activity that’s relevant to your brand or business.
  • Look into audience consumption of — and feelings towards — different types of media (such as TV, Radio, Print, Internet, OOH, etc.)
  • Plot your OOH inventory on a map and analyze the consumer behaviour of audiences within a specific radius or drive-time of each asset.
  • Import and map your list of customer addresses. Use these locations as a filter for our consumer behaviour data in order to learn more about your existing customer base.
  • Learn about the consumer behaviour of populations in different postal codes, cities, or provinces before targeting an area with your campaign or expanding your business.

”Detailed consumer behaviour data is an unparalleled asset when it comes to gaining real, lucrative insights into your audience’s habits and mindset."

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