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Consumer Behaviour

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What kind of trips are you planning to undertake in the upcoming year? Did you buy any form of home entertainment in the past year? If so, which retailer did you use? What ad made you decide to buy the product? Just some questions the Canadian population is being asked by research company ViviData.

The result is a full picture of the consumer behaviour of the Canadian Population. We offer over 10,000 different datapoints divided into 26 categories. All data is mapped in our dashboards. This helps you better understand the Canadian Population. You will gain insight into what influences a consumer to buy a certain product. We also provide more insights in how to target the audience (TV, Radio, Print, Online, etc.)

In conclusion, the Canadian Consumer Behaviour is a data set you cannot ignore. This data helps you build the right marketing campaign. It helps you send out the right message to the right audience. The outcome will be more revenue while still using the same marketing dollars.

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The result of ViviData's survey is a database of 10,000 variables divided into the following categories. We mapped this at neighborhood level so you can instantly gain an overview of where to spend your marketing dollars. However, we also offer you more insights into how to offer your product. What do people think of certain brands and what influences them? Click on one of the categories below to get more detailed information about that specific dataset.

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What is Consumer Behaviour?

Consumer behaviour tells you more about what kind of products people buy. How they use it and what kind activities they undertake. The consumer behaviour is being analyzed by questioning people. Every year ViviData questions about 40,000 Canadians. The result is an extensive survey which is being processed by Spotzi. The Canadian population almost hits 38 million people. So how can we map the consumer behaviour of all Canadians? First, all data is being processed by our data analysts. Machine Learning algorithms finally project these surveys across the Canadian population. This way you can zoom into every neighborhood in Canada.


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