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Create a Dashboard


Once you have uploaded your Excel sheet. Spotzi will automatically turn your addresses into locations on the map. Great right? But this is just the beginning. To unlock the full potential of our location intelligence tool you have to turn your simple map into a highly advanced dashboard.


  • Based on these locations the dashboards automatically enrich every location with more data like demographics and customer behavior.
  • These dashboards can be shared with your colleagues or customers. (Spotzi account required)
  • Spotzi dashboards help you to analyze large amounts of data with the most advanced filters.

Excited? So are we. Follow the instructions below in order to create and share your dashboards. Let's go!

Step-by-step instructions

1. Go to the MY MAPS section and select the map that you want to turn into a dashboard.

Create a Dashboard

2. Once you have opened your map you have to click the CREATE DASHBOARD button in the bottom left corner.

Create a Dashboard

3. Now a list with all available dashboarding templates will appear. Right now, we can only pick the general Insights template, but more templates will be added in the near future.

Create a Dashboard

Deprecated templates
You can still use some of our standard templates like custom, empty and big infowindow, but please note that these templates are deprecated and will not be available in the future.

3. Give your dashboard a name.

Create a Dashboard

4. Set an activation period. You can always edit this period of time later on.

Create a Dashboard


Create a Dashboard

6. Now enter the users you want to share your dashboard with. Enter the credentials and press ADD USER. If they already have a Spotzi account they can log in with their credentials. If they don't, they will receive a link where they can register a new Spotzi account.

You can also skip this step and publish your dashboard directly. In that case only you have access to this dashboard. In that case you can see that your dashboard is PRIVATE (see screenshot below). Please note that you can always add or delete users once your dashboard is published. Please read our article about user management for more information.

Create a Dashboard

Note! A Spotzi account is required.
Please notice that the users you share your dashboards with need to have a Spotzi account.

7. If you have entered all the users click PUBLISH DASHBOARD and your dashboard is ready. Create a Dashboard

8. Your dashboard is ready. Now you can choose to go back to your MY DASHBOARDS or view your dashboard once more. Create a Dashboard

9. Your dashboard is live and ready to use. If you want to allow or disallow access to your dashboard, please read our article about user and access management. Do you want to edit dashboard settings like a dashboard name, please read our article about dashboard management. Create a Dashboard

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