Targeting postal codes within a distance radius

Are you interested in deploying local online campaigns, or in dividing your campaign budget across several locations? The targeting options offered by Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and platforms such as Spotzi are all you need to effectively direct these campaigns. Spotzi also offers users the options to target consumers within a certain radius of key locations, and offers detailed insights into the demographics and behaviour of these audiences. Keep reading to learn more about the use of radius targeting in your Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.

Radius Targeting Google Ads

Begin using radius targeting by setting up the targeting of your campaign under "Settings". Please note: This targeting is only possible at a campaign level, and the use of different ads will require the creation of multiple campaigns.

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  1. Click the “Locations” tab and select the "Advanced Search" option.
  2. Select the option to target by radius.
  3. Select the size of your radius (in km or in miles).
  4. Enter a city name, address, or a location’s coordinates and click "target".
  5. Finish adding all your desired locations and click save to confirm.
  6. Select whether you want to target the people living within this radius, or those who are looking at keywords related to your target location (such as “bakery Toronto”).
  7. Confirm your selection and press "save".

Customer Segmentation Within a Boundary
Are you interested in deploying targeted campaigns now that you’ve set a geographic radius? Spotzi offers users thousands of data points and filters which they can use to build powerful audience segments within each set radius.

Radius Targeting Facebook Ads

In order to geo-target your Facebook ads you must first define and create an audience in the Ad Set settings. Follow the steps below to set your radius:

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  1. Open your ad’s settings and select the "Audience" tab.
  2. Search for your location using the search bar under the "Location" heading, or select any location on your map by clicking "Drop Pin" (seen at the bottom-right of your map).
  3. After selecting your location, proceed to set a radius (in miles).
  4. These settings are automatically saved; you can also save each audience in your account for use in other targeted campaigns.

Radius Targeting with Spotzi: Advanced Targeting Strategies

In addition to geographical targeting options, Google Ads and Facebook Ads also offer users the option of targeting based on online behavior. This includes targeting based on online purchases, demographic characteristics, and other personal interests. These features do have their limitations — Google Ads offers limited demographic data, and Facebook Ads limits online buying behaviour data to purchases made using Facebook’s own platform. These platforms still offer a great start to audience targeting, especially when you choose to take your campaigns one step further by incorporating radius targeting into your planning.

Are you looking to sharpen your audience targeting, or to targeting based on features that are not found in your current marketing software? Look no further than Spotzi.

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Target Features Most Relevant to your Business

Spotzi provides users with access to thousands of filters and data points intended to optimize audience targeting. These tools allow you to analyze a population’s consumer behavior (online and offline), their purchasing power, extensive demographic data, and more; they offer any marketer the flexibility to target online campaigns based on the characteristics which are truly the most relevant for their company.

Use Offline Data for Online Targeting

A major challenge of online campaigns is the use of offline data in their audience targeting. Online and offline business is continuing to become more and more intertwined; many brick-and-mortar stores tracking in-person purchases also want to use this data for the targeting of their online campaigns, and Out-of-Home frequently collaborates with other mediums.

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Location data is an excellent bridge between your physical business and online campaigns. You can begin by tracking the postal codes of customers making in-store purchases, and then visualizing these zip codes geographically to gain a birds-eye view of your audience. In addition to this, mobile location data can be used by the Out-of-Home industry in order to gain extra insights into the audience of each billboard or other OOH asset. In short, location is key when integrating online and offline data!

Target your Google and Facebook Ads Based on Location with Spotzi

Spotzi helps you target your online campaigns based on location data and offers you the tools you need to segment specific audiences based on thousands of features and data points. Are you interested in using Spotzi for the targeting of your next online campaign? Read our articles about location targeting with Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

Interested in an advanced targeting strategy?
Do you want to know more about the use of offline data in campaign targeting? Contact us today for more information about offline data and its targeting possibilities.

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