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Data driven marketing in Soccer - How FC Groningen is using Spotzi to grow their fanbase and find new sponsors.
Spotzi helps FC Groningen with the development of “data driven” marketing. The aim of this collaboration is to help FC Groningen better target new and existing fans and sponsors.

We have chosen Spotzi as our partner because they always surprise us with innovative solutions.

When you are a soccer fan you must know Arjen Robben. Robben is regarded as one of the best players of his generation and one of the best wingers in the world. He played with Chelsea and Real Madrid. He decided to go back to the soccer team he started his career at: Dutch Premier Division Soccer Club FC Groningen in the Netherlands.

This helped put FC Groningen on the map. However there is more to gain. Spotzi will help FC Groningen in 2021 with the development of “data driven” marketing. The aim of this collaboration is to help FC Groningen better target existing and new supporters and sponsors.

Our Geomarketing platform helps to provide insights about specific target groups, companies and locations. For example, what are the main characteristics of the supporters and sponsors of FC Groningen? We can easily visualize this, resulting in new insights.

Spotzi will start in this collaboration with FC Groningen by visualizing the fanbase of FC Groningen in dashboards. In a second step, the fanbase of FC Groningen will be segmented (what type of fans does FC Groningen attract). After which, in the third step, actions can be set up based on the created segments. Dashboards with results will for instance be shared with future sponsors resulting in a growing fanbase and new sponsors for FC Groningen. The information will also help serve their supporters and sponsors even better. This will improve the brand FC Groningen and help them attract new players.

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