Integrate 3th Party Data in Online Advertsing

DigitalAudience is a data platform that helps online marketing professionals to reach the right audience for their online campaigns. They used the Spotzi Webservice to extend their database.

The only marketing industry is rapidly developing. If you want to create a successful online marketing campaign the targeting of that campaign is very important. Showing your ads to users that already bought your product really is not-done nowadays. Thanks to data you can reach the right (online) audience with the click of a button. For example Fashion lovers or Sport fanatics. Surprise visitors of your website with products that completely suit their needs. Products they have never thought of before!

Along with the Spotzi Webservice it is possible to connect the extensieve Spotzi Database to our system. With this connection we have extended the number of targeting options for our users. - Digital Audience

A direct connection with the extensive Spotzi Database

Technically this is quite a challenge. DSPs (demand-side platforms) and DMPs (data management platforms) are systems where data and online marketing come together. DigitalAudience is a company that facilitates the integration between data and online marketing platforms. With this integration they make data available for online marketing professionals. Data they can use for determining the targeting of their campaigns. In collaboration with Spotzi they have enriched the locations of online users. A powerful collaboration where location data and online marketing comes together. Don’t you know anything about a DSP or DMP? No problem. DigitalAudience will help you to find the right target group with Spotzi data.

Spotzi is a third-party data provider that offers a wide variety of geographical data with real estate characteristics (housing value, energy label etc.), demographics data and consumer behaviour. An excellent addition to the Digital Audience database.

We used the Spotzi Webservice to integrate Spotzi into the DigitalAudience platform. This webservice enabled them to directly integrate the Spotzi database to their systems. An integration that helped them to extend their database and the targeting options for their users.

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