Location Data in online advertising

Marketers can choose from a wide range of data like home seekers, seniors or sports fanatics. The selected audience can be instantly targeted through the network of Dutch online media.

It is great to connect the extensive Spotzi Database to our system. A new era of DYI marketing which is the perfect add-on we were looking for - DPG Media

The online marketing industry is rapidly evolving. If you want to create a successful online marketing campaign the targeting of that campaign is very important. Showing your ads to users that already bought your product is a waste of marketing dollars. Thanks to data you can reach the right (online) audience with the click of a button. For example Fashion lovers or Sport fanatics. Surprise visitors of your website with products that completely suit their needs. Products they have never thought of before!

Reach >4 millions visitors, every day

DSPs (demand-side platforms) and DMPs (data management platforms) are systems where data and online marketing come together. These platforms offer marketers the ability to reach a specific audience. For instance sports enthusiasts or foodies. For many marketers however it is quite a challenge to manage these platforms. To use Google DV360 for instance you must be a certified user.

Spotzi is all about ease of use. Therefore we thought of an integration between our data warehouse and online marketing platforms that skips all the hassle of being certified and the feeling of getting lost in translation. In order to achieve this we teamed up with media agency DPG Media in the Netherlands. DPG Media is the largest Media Agency of the Netherlands. Through their online labels they reach over 4 million unique users each day.

We created a Dashboard where marketers can select households they would like to target. Marketers can choose from a wide range of data like home seekers, seniors or sports fanatics. The output from our dashboard is a list of locations that will be matched with the online audience where DPG Media is able to match cookies and other relevant data to our list of locations. This way a very targeted online marketing campaign can be created in just a few minutes. The only thing you need to do is the fun stuff. Working on the creatives and perfecting your marketing strategy.

The results are stunning. The Click Through Ratio (CTR) is twice to three times higher than less targeted campaigns. After the first successful results with DPG Media we have worked out solutions with other Media Agencies around the world. A powerful tool where location data and online marketing comes together. Don't you know anything about a DSP or DMP? No need anymore. Just use Spotzi.

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