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Create a dashboard

Creating a custom dashboard is quick and easy with Spotzi. Any user with a Spotzi Professional or Spotzi Enterprise account can create a new dashboard using the following steps.

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  1. Go to your MY DASHBOARDS page and click the NEW DASHBOARD button.
  2. Users can either select a market-ready template (using a Spotzi Professional account) or create their own custom dashboard template (using a Spotzi Enterprise account).
  3. Name your dashboard.
  4. Invite users to your dashboard right away, or skip this step by clicking PUBLISH DASHBOARD. You can always add more users later on.
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User Management (Spotzi Enterprise only)
Determine who has access to your dashboard with our user management feature. This allows you to invite users to your dashboard — all users will be required to create a Spotzi Free account — and turn access on or off as needed. You can also choose to grant users access only for a specified time period. Please read our article on this topic.

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