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Edit Dataset

Datasets are the backbone of any insightful dashboard; without data, there would be nothing for your dashboards to display or for you to analyze. Spotzi Targeting offers users access to diverse datasets while also giving you the option to upload personal datasets into our interface. You then have the option to make your own changes to the values within your datasets or to edit your data in bulk using SQL.

Add Rows/Columns

  1. Go to MY DATA, click the OPTIONS button and select VIEW DATASET in the dropdown menu.
  2. Click the bottom right corner of your newly opened dataset to add a new row or column.

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Add records automatically with the Spotzi's Webservice
Every Spotzi Targeting account can be externally connected via our webservice. This streamlines the process of editing, deleting or updating any of your datasets.

Delete Rows/Columns

  1. Go to MY DATA, click the OPTIONS button and select VIEW DATASET in the dropdown menu.
    • Deleting a row: click the arrow button in front of your row and select DELETE THIS ROW from the dropdown menu.
    • Deleting a column: Hover your mouse over the table header and click the arrow button. Select DELETE THIS ROW in the dropdown menu.
  2. Confirm that you want to delete the row/column.

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Do you want to edit your data on a bigger scale?
Working with SQL allows you to make broader edits across your dataset. Please read some of our posts about this language if you’d like to learn more.

Edit Map Features

Spotzi’s map editing capabilities allow users to edit a map’s features directly, or to add content such as PDF URLs and images to each feature.

  1. Open your map and click the point, line, or polygon you’d like to edit.
  2. An infowindow will pop up; click the small data icon to edit the data attached to that feature.
  3. A list of all your feature attachments will appear. You can choose to:
    1. Edit data fields
    2. Add extra fields

Add extra fields

Click the ADD COLUMNS button in the bottom left-hand corner of the menu to add extra fields to a map feature. You can add fields such as:

Remember: When editing your data within your map you are also editing its dataset. That means that any maps connected to this particular dataset will change as well.

Change Column Types

Every column within each dataset you import is of a specific type. The column types can be found in the data view of your datasets. Each column can fall into one of these categories:

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Distinguishing between your column types is important as every type has its own SQL query. Certain column types also have their own limitations when it comes to layer styling — for example, styling your map layer using our range styling requires number columns. To change a column’s type you must do the following:

  1. Click the OPTIONS button next to your dataset and select VIEW DATASET from the dropdown menu.
  2. Click the arrow next to the data type. A dropdown menu will appear; select the data type you'd like to change your column to.
  3. Confirm your changes.

Quick note! Postal code data strings:
Postal code datasets have a string (text) type instead of a number type. This means your map styling options do not extend to range styling when dealing with postal code datasets.

Data management

We’ve done our best to simplify data management within our platform, so Spotzi Targeting allows users to manage all of their geomarketing datasets in one place. Our online geomarketing platform comes with the freedom to duplicate or delete your datasets, as well as to file them using our tagging system.

Duplicate datasets

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  1. To delete the dataset of a deleted map go to MY DATA and find your dataset. Press its OPTIONS button to ensure that it is not connected to any of your existing maps.
  2. A dropdown menu will appear. Click the red DELETE DATASET button to delete your dataset.

Delete datasets in bulk

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  1. Go to MY DATA and select all of the datasets you want to delete.
  2. A menu will appear in the upper left-hand corner. Click the red DELETE DATASETS button to delete all of your selected datasets.

Edit dataset settings

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Naming and tags are essential for organization when you’re storing numerous maps and datasets in your Spotzi account. These can be changed in your settings menu.

Go to MY DATA and click the OPTIONS > SETTINGS button on the right side of your map or dataset. You can now edit the following:

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