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How to create a ZIP code boundary map?

Creating a ZIP code boundary map is one of the most used features of our geomarketing platform. Mapping data at postal code level provides some interesting benefits:

Create a ZIP Code Boundary Map. A Step-by-Step Guide.

Map your Data at ZIP Code Level

Map Data at Postal Code Level

1. Import your postal code level data in the MY DATA tab.

2. Navigate to MAP POSTAL CODES in the home screen and choose the dataset you just imported.

3. Select the postal code areas you want to use for mapping the data.

4. Choose the field you want to visualize on the map.

5. Name your postal code dashboard and click on CREATE DASHBOARD.

6. You have successfully visualized your data at the postal code level.

For a more detailed guide, please visit our Help Center page about Mapping Postal Codes.

Create a Map with ZIP Code Boundaries

1. Go to your home screen and select the MAP POSTAL CODES option to begin.

2. First, choose the postal code boundaries you wish to visualize and click NEXT STEP to confirm.

3. To create your ZIP code boundary map, click SKIP THIS STEP.

4. Now, select the field you want to use to style your map. You can always change the map styling at a later stage.

5. Name your dashboard and click CREATE DASHBOARD to initiate the process.

6. After confirming, you can access your dashboard and view your ZIP code boundary map. Within this dashboard, you can customize the map using the Map Style Editor, or you can add more data at the ZIP code level.

Data at Postal Code Level

7. In addition to visualizing postal code areas, data is automatically linked. You can add this data as charts and use it for analysis. Depending on your plan, you can add the following data at the postal code level:

*Availability varies by country. For the current offerings, please check our premium database.

Free access to ZIP code boundaries?
Spotzi Explorer grants users access to a fully-functional geomarketing dashboard. This dashboard comes equipped with country-wide ZIP code boundaries and other data like population density, business locations and more.

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