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How to import a shapefile into Excel 3D Maps?

Have you just downloaded a shapefile from your Spotzi account or any other platform? In order to import this shapefile into Excel 3D Maps, please watch the video or read the instructions below for a walk-through of this process.

How to import a shapefile into Excel 3D Maps? [Guide + Video]

Tutorial Video

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Make sure you've downloaded both the CSV and the shapefile of your map.
  2. Open the CSV of your data first.
  3. Your CSV contains large rows of text — this is the geometry (the_geom) column. We will first split the text into columns in order to delete this geometry; it won't be necessary since we will be adding a shapefile with this same geometry later.
  4. Open a new Excel file and open 3D Maps.
  5. Click "custom regions" in the top bar and import a new set. Select your shapefile (or a KML).
  6. Pick the column containing the area name and click import.
  7. You have now added regions to your 3D map.
  8. To display features on your map you must first add data to the empty Excel file you used to create your 3D Map from. This requires the data from the CSV you split earlier; copy its data into the empty Excel file.
  9. Select the data, and click INSERT > 3D MAPS > ADD SELECTED DATA TO 3D MAPS.
  10. The 3D Maps interface will open.
  11. Add a location field (the ZIP in this example.).
  12. Choose a way to display your data on your map. In our case we chose the custom regions (.kml, .shp) we have just imported.
  13. Change your view to regions.
  14. You have now successfully imported a Shapefile into Excel 3D Maps.

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