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What is a cross-visitation index?

Cross-visitation indexes are a crucial metric in out-of-home measurement, indicating how many visitors go to a specific location after being exposed to an out-of-home campaign. This data-driven analysis helps businesses assess the effectiveness of their advertising efforts, optimize marketing strategies, and allocate budgets efficiently. By understanding visitor behavior, companies can create more engaging and targeted campaigns, ultimately driving increased store visits and maximizing the impact of their out-of-home marketing initiatives.

How is cross-visitation used?

In summary, cross-visitation indexes empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize marketing efforts, enhance customer experiences, and ultimately maximize the impact of their out-of-home campaigns. By analyzing real-world customer behavior, companies can refine their strategies, improve engagement, and drive tangible results, all while ensuring a higher return on their marketing investments.

Analyze cross-visitation with Spotzi

Wondering where your visitors go after leaving your location? With cross-visitation, you can visualize and analyze this. This unique solution allows you to assess the effectiveness of billboards on store visits. To set up a cross-visitation dashboard, follow these steps:

Before creating a cross-visitation dashboard, add the following types of locations:

Analyze cross-visitation

Ensure these locations are loaded as polygons to enhance the quality of your cross-visitation analysis. Learn why this is important.

To create a cross-visitation dashboard, select the billboard's location and the period you want to analyze.

Quick tip!
To measure the impact of a billboard campaign, run a cross-visitation report multiple times. Consider using the same period from a year earlier or the previous period. This establishes a reference (0-point) to evaluate visitor numbers' increase or decrease.

Select the dataset with subsequent locations and click REQUEST VISITOR PROFILE to create your cross-visitation dashboard. You'll receive an email when your dashboard is ready for use.

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