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What is a geometry?

Geometry in geodata refers to the spatial characteristics and shapes that represent geographic data. It plays a crucial role in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and cartography, where data is visualized and analyzed based on its geometric properties. Geodata geometry encompasses different types of shapes that describe the nature of geographic objects.

What types of geometries are available?

What is a Geometry?

Within the Spotzi Geomarketing Platform we handle the following geometry types:


A point in geometry represents a single location in space, defined by its coordinates (latitude and longitude). Point geometry is often used to denote specific locations such as cities, buildings, or events.




Lines consist of consecutive points connected together. They have length but no width and are used to represent linear features such as roads, rivers, and railways.




A polygon is a closed line connecting several points, with the last point returning to the starting point, defining an area. Polygon geometry is used to represent objects like land parcels, lakes, and administrative boundaries. The more detailed the polygon, the more coordinates a polygon contains.



Multipoint, Multiline, Multipolygon

These types represent collections of multiple points, lines, and polygon objects, respectively. For example, a MultiPolygon can contain several individual polygons forming a complex geographic area. For more information about this geometry type, please read our Help Center article about multipoints, multilines and multipolygons.

Geometry in geodata is essential for understanding the physical world and supports numerous applications, ranging from map-making to location-based analysis and decision-making. Each geometric type has unique properties that allow accurate and efficient representation and analysis of geographic information.

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