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What is a multipoint, multiline or multipolygon geometry?

In the Spotzi Geomarketing Platform, we offer various geometries, including points, lines, and polygons. However, there is also a way to combine multiple points, lines, or polygons into a single record. Depending on the geometry type you want to combine, we refer to this as multipoint, multiline, or multipolygon.

How can we observe this difference in the data?
Let's take a look at how we can see this in the data. On the left side, we have 5 points, with each row representing a point. On the right side, we see the same points grouped into a MultiPoint geometry.

Point MultiPoint

Which multi geometries are available?

Multipoint Geometry

A multipoint is a collection of individual points or coordinates on a map. It groups multiple geographic locations together in a single entry. Each point within the multipoint represents a specific location, such as store branches or landmarks. Set Up: To set up a multipoint, you provide a list of latitude and longitude coordinates for each location. These coordinates are grouped together to form a single multipoint entry.

Example of a MultiPoint feature


Multiline Geometry

A multiline is used to represent connected line segments on a map. It's ideal for displaying routes, roads, or pathways that consist of multiple segments or lines. Set Up: To create a multiline, you define the starting and ending points of each line segment and connect them to form a continuous path. This set of connected line segments makes up the multiline.

Example of a MultiLine feature


Multipolygon Geometry

A multipolygon represents multiple enclosed geographic areas or regions. It's commonly used to show territories, boundaries, or regions that consist of multiple shapes. Set Up: To set up a multipolygon, you define the individual polygons that make up a larger area. Each polygon has a set of coordinates that outline its shape. The multipolygon groups these polygons together to represent a more complex geographic area.

Example of a MultiPolygon feature


Benefits of using MultiPoint, MultiLine or MultiPolygon features

Shortcomings of using MultiPoint, MultiLine or MultiPolygon features

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