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Are you looking for a powerful tool to gain a deeper understanding of your target market and develop highly targeted marketing strategies? Start with Spotzi geomarketing dashboards. With access to the demographic data, you can gain valuable insights into age, gender, household characteristics, and more. This information can help you tailor your marketing campaigns to the specific needs and preferences of your target group, and identify the best locations to focus your efforts.

Spotzi Profiling and Spotzi Targeting already offer a number of demographic attributes by default that you can start working with right away. This user-friendly platform makes it easy to go from analysis to campaign in just a few clicks, without the hassle of complicated data management. Profiling your current customers, discovering new (international) markets, and creating buyer personas of your ideal customers has never been this easy.

Looking for the demographics of a specific country? Check out the list of available countries below.

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thumbnail Spotzi welcomes TomTom as a new data partner for global traffic and POI data.


Spotzi welcomes TomTom as a new data partner for global traffic and POI data.

Spotzi partners with TomTom for global traffic data and POI data, enhancing GeoMarketing insights for strategic growth and OOH advertising effectiveness.