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About this data

Spotzi offers demographics data of Italy, like population density or household characteristics at municipality level. This dataset is part of Spotzi Insights en Spotzi Studio.

Demographics Italy - Data

This demographics dataset of Italy contains the following information:

  • The total number of inhabitants
  • The total number of households
  • Household size
  • Type of household

Please go to the variables section for more information about all demographic characteristics in this dataset.

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Demographics Italy - Variables


  • Total population


  • Total households
  • Average household size

Types of households

  • Single-person households
  • Multiple-person households
  • Households without children in %
  • Households with children
  • Immigrant households

All data is available at municipality level.

Demographics Italië Dashboard

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The demographic data of Italy is part of our Spotzi Insights Dashboards. Above all our dashboards save you time and money. Firstly, by uploading your customer base in our Spotzi Insights Dashboards, we will instantly show you more information about the demographic characteristics of your customers. Secondly, we show you look-alike audiences to target based on these insights. By adding our media consumption to our dashboards, you can define the best marketing strategy. Our dashboards will instantly provide the necessary insights.

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More details about this data

Population Density - Definition

Population density represents the ratio between the number of inhabitants and the total size of a given area. In Europe, population density is often expressed in inhabitants per square metre (m2), but in countries like the US it can also be expressed per square mile (sq mi) or per hectare. More interested in the number of houses? Then maybe the address density is interesting. Check out our Addresses Italy dataset for more information.

Population Density Calculation

To calculate the population density you need the total number of inhabitants and the land area per area. The formula to calculate the population density is as follows:

Population density = total number of inhabitants / land area

Population Density Map Italy

With Spotzi's dashboards it is possible to map and analyse population density and other demographic data. In addition, our dashboards make it possible to connect customer data and start a demographic segmentation of your customers.

Population density Italy Map

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