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Address Level Data

About this data

The address level data drills down to information at household level. It allows you to create the most targeted campaigns possible. The address level data is available for Spotzi Studio users. The addresses can be exported from our dashboards after you selected your target group. If you for instance have a subscription to our Consumer Spending data you can select areas that spend an above average money on shoes and then export the corresponding addresses. It is also possible to use this data with our geocoding services. The type of information varies per country and consists of the following information:

Type Information
A Address information that also includes the lat/lon, postal code and city name
B Building outlines that includes square footage of the building and building type
E Extended information that includes Energy efficiency, Function (residential or commercial), Building Height, Year of Construction and Floor Space
M Market Status (for sale/rent or not for sale/rent) that includes listing price
P Parcel information that includes parcel boundaries and parcel acreage
V Property Value

Dataset information



Update frequency:





The address level data is available in the countries listed below. Next to the name of the country you will find the type of information that is available for that specific country. The letter corresponds to the information list as mentioned before.

Country A B E M P V
Argentina x          
Australia x          
Austria x          
Azerbaijan x          
Belgium x x   x x  
Bosnia and Herzegovina x          
Bulgaria x          
Canada x x   x x x
Chile x          
Croatia x          
Czech Republic x          
Denmark x          
Estonia x x     x  
Finland x          
France x x     x x
Germany x          
Hungary x          
Iceland x          
Ireland x          
Israel x          
Italy x          
Kazakhstan x          
Latvia x          
Liechtenstein x          
Lithuania x          
Luxembourg x          
Madagascar x          
Mayotte x          
Mexico x          
Moldova x          
Netherlands x x x x x x
New Zealand x          
Norway x          
Philippines x          
Poland x          
Portugal x          
Puerto Rico x          
Republic of Moldova x          
Russian Federation x          
Singapore x          
Slovakia x          
South Africa x          
Spain x x     x  
Sweden x          
Switzerland x          
Thailand x          
Turkey x          
Ukraine x          
United Kingdom x x     x x
United States x x     x  


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