Discover the power of geomarketing. For free.

Instead of telling you about the power of geomarketing, we think it’s better to experience it for yourself. That’s why we introduce Spotzi Free! Our free geomarketing solution helps you to define, locate and target your best-fit customers.

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Discover the power of geomarketing. For free.

Consumer Styles

Find your best-fit customers

Spotzi Consumer Styles divide the world into audience segments based on common characteristics such as the demographic composition of a household. The result is 10 Spotzi Consumer Styles that are currently available in 6 countries around the globe. Our Consumer Styles are free for everyone. You simply register for our free plan and our Consumer Styles are then ready to be explored.

Find your best-fit customers

Postal Code Boundaries

Analyze postal code areas

In our free dashboard you have access to our Consumer Styles at postal code level. Fully developed and updated by our data professionals to give you the best free geomarketing experience. Just select the Consumer Styles that match your audience and you instantly get an overview of your high potential customers.

Analyze postal code areas

Buffer Analysis

Analyze customers within a radius

Spotzi Free offers you the possibility to perform the most advanced geomarketing analytics in just a few clicks. Take our radius filter for example. With this filtering option you only have to select the range (km, miles meters etc.) and we show you more insights about the customers that are living within your selected area. It’s just that easy.

Analyze customers within a radius

Drive-Time Mapping

Analyze customers within driving distance

Besides our radius filter, Spotzi Free also offers the possibility to perform a spatial analysis based on travel time. By foot or by car. A great way to target your (local) marketing campaigns and retail location analysis.

Analyze customers within driving distance

Extensive Filter Options

Advanced filters. Easy-to-use.

Whether you want to filter a specific consumer profile or postal code, filter areas based on a radius/drivetime, draw a selection on the map or everything at once. At Spotzi, you can add as many filters as you need to find your best-fit customers.

Advanced filters. Easy-to-use.
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Customer Story

How to find new sponsors

Data driven marketing in Soccer - How Dutch soccer club FC Groningen is using Spotzi to grow their fanbase and find new sponsors.

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OOH + Mobile Ads: Your 2022 Marketing Dream Team!

Spotzi’s disposable income data allows marketers and brands to target consumers based on shopping personality and brand loyalty.

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Our dashboards allow you to immediately start analyzing out-of-home inventory or retail locations—all with the click of a button.

Are you a data scientist looking for a more advanced analytics solution? Spotzi Enterprise offers users all the necessary tools to perform complex data analytics. Any findings can then be shared or exported via our easy-to-build dashboards—allowing you to prioritize data analytics without worrying about the future accessibility of your insights.

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