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Basemap Options


Changing your map’s basemap gives a whole other dimension to your map. You can choose betweeen the default Spotzi Streetmap, a Satellite map, a blank page or one of the other basemaps that Spotzi offers by default. It is your pick.

What is a basemap?

A basemap is a graphical representation of the world showing natural and cultural features such as water bodies, topography, park areas, points of interest, geopolitical borders, roads, streets, and sometimes buildings. Spotzi offers a Streetmap and several less detailed maps. We designed these maps in a way that does not conflict with your visualizations.

Purchasing Power the Netherlands

Map: Consumer Spending the Netherlands – Basemap: Toner Background

Change the basemap

To change the basemap of your map press the basemap button on the left.

Edit Basemap

A drop-down list will appear on the left side. Here you can choose a different basemap. In this example we pick the Toner Background basemap.

Edit Basemap

Great! You changed the basemap of your map.

create map

The selection of Spotzi Basemaps

Spotzi has a large selection of basemaps that you can use to make your maps more beautiful. It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a map based on real-time satellite imagery with the Spotzi Satellite Map or whether you prefer a more creative map, such as one of the Toner Basemaps. We offer basemaps for any kind of website or purpose.

Basemap Spotzi Basemap
Spotzi Street
Basemap Satellite
Spotzi Satellite
Basemap Spotzi Hybrid
Spotzi Hybrid
Basemap Toner
Basemap Toner
Toner Background
Basemap Toner Hybrid
Toner Lines
Basemap Toner Lite
Toner Lite
Basemap Toner Hybrid
Toner Hybrid
Basemap Toner Terrain
Toner Terrain
Basemap Watercolor

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