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Import Location Data

Data can only be visualized on a map when its dataset contains geometry data. A geometry dataset contains geographical values such as latitude and longitude. Spotzi can also convert text such as country names, addresses, postal codes, and city names into geometry for use in your maps or dashboards.

Datasets such as GeoJSON, Shapefile (ZIP), KML, CSV/Excel files with a geometry column, or GPX files can be converted into a map using only a few clicks. CSV or Excel files containing location data (such as an address) but no geometry need to first be geocoded using the Spotzi Geocoder.

We can distinguish 3 ways to import location data into Spotzi:

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What is a Geometry?

A geometry is the information needed to place points, lines or polygons onto a map. Map layers with points require a dataset column with latitude (Y) and a longitude (X). Line or polygon layers require dataset columns with a a geom (THE_GEOM). — a string with coordinates which ultimately draw a line or a polygon on your map. You can find an example of this string in our document about Adding a map with polygons.

Spotzi Geocoder

Do you want to map a table or address list but are missing its geometry? No problem! The Spotzi Geocoder can automatically add a geometry to your dataset while importing your data.

Import Geographic Data

Geographic datasets such as Shapefiles or geoJSONs already contain a geometry. This makes it very easy to import those files into your Spotzi account. Most shapefiles or geoJSONs contain data which enable you to draw area boundaries on a map. In this example we will use a shapefile with a sample of the 5-digit ZIP code areas in the United States.

1. Log into your account, go to My Maps and press CREATE MAP.

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3. Name your map and dataset. Select the file you want to upload and press IMPORT to start uploading.

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4. Your data is now being uploaded to your account; the time for completion depends on the size of your file.

5. After your data has been uploaded successfully you will be able to access your data on the MY DATA homepage.

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6. You have successfully uploaded this dataset to your Spotzi account, and can now style it however you’d like! For more information about styling your map please check out our map styling options.

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