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How can I export latitude and longitude values?


This functionality is only available in Spotzi Studio.

To achieve this, you have to go to your dataset.

Spotzi point datasets contain the_geom column with latitude and longitude coordinates. Exporting the_geom renders a column in well known Binary format, or WKB. For example, a field containing “-73.9695, 40.6754” appears in a CSV as “0101000020E6100000000000800D7E52C0E128A68274564440”. You can export the_geom as latitude and longitude instead by modifying your dataset with an SQL query.

  1. Create a new number type column for latitude, and one for longitude
  2. With the Editor, Custom SQL query option, enter:UPDATE my_dataset
    SET lon_column = ST_X(the_geom), lat_column = ST_Y(the_geom)
  3. Replace your datasets name for my_dataset
  4. Replace your new blank longitude column for lon_column
  5. Replace your new blank latitude column for lat_column

Click Apply query , the_geom coordinates are split into the appropriate latitude and longitude columns. If you export your dataset as a CSV, the values appear as numbers.

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