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This how-to-guide is made for the people that have access to one of our dashboards. These dashboards are packed with exciting features and functionalities. In this guide we will give you more information on how navigate through our dashboards, how to use features like map- and data filters and we will give you some quick tips along the way. Let's get started!


The true power of Spotzi lies in the ability to create the most advanced filters. You can upload an extensive lists of postal codes (Excel file) to only show assets that are located in your defined postal code areas, but you can also filter by simply drawing a free hand polygon on the map. Best of all, you can also combine multiple filters for the most advanced insights.

With Spotzi you can create different kinds of filters and combine them.

Info buttons

Some data needs some additional information. To visualize this information, just click the small info icon in the top right corner. Dashboard - Info Buttons

Click the small x in the top right corner to visualize the data. Dashboard - Info Buttons

The search bar in the top left corner of your dashboard helps you to easily navigate through your map. Just enter the location (address, city, postal code, province etc.) and press ENTER or the small loop icon on the right. Dashboard - Search Bar

Now the system will search its database and give you a small dropdown with suggestions. Select the right location. Dashboard - Search Bar

Now the dashboard will automatically navigate to the right place on the map. Dashboard - Search Bar

The search bar is no filter option
Please notice that the search bar is for quickly zooming and panning to the right location. It will not add a filter to your data.

Dashboard sections

Got a long list of data and information to scroll through? Fortunately, every dashboard has some sections in the top of the menu so you can easily scroll directly to the right section. Dashboard - Sections

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