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Dashboard Filters Travel Distance Filter

Are you interested in analyzing the consumers within a specific walking or driving distance from your store or OOH asset? You now can with our Spotzi Geomarketing Dashboard. This new feature allows you filter an area's population by driving distance — both that of a quiet Sunday evening or a busy Thursday morning! Keep reading to learn more about our walk and drive-time filters.

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  1. Click the FILTER button in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click + ADD FILTER and select the TRAVEL DISTANCE option.
  3. Select your location.
  4. A menu will appear. Here, you can filter by travel distance; simply add an optional label and set your desired travel time. Note: If you do not add a label, one will still be automatically generated for you.
  5. Choose a travel method (driving or walking).
  6. Would you prefer Spotzi takes daily traffic into account when adding this filter? First, please enable this feature in your account.
  7. Once enabled, select a day and time for your travel time estimate. You may also select whether you'd like your travel time calculated for pre-arrival or post-departure at/from your location.
  8. All set? Click ADD FILTER.
  9. Press APPLY FILTERS to visualize your filter on the map.
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Looking for more advanced filters?
Spotzi’s dashboards allow you to add and combine multiple filters in order to find your best-fit customer. This feature — what we call a filter collection — enables users to create any filter variation they need.
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New Partnership with OOH Info LLC: Revolutionizing OOH Optimization