How to Use Location Data to Drive In-Store Sales

Are you in search of ideas to boost traffic to your store location, and to increase your in-store sales? Investing in a more data-driven approach to your local marketing might be the key to a real rise in your businesses’ traffic and revenue. 

Access to the right data can lead to timely, actionable insights into local audiences. In fact, big data has been shown to increase the return on sales of entire retail supply chains by about 60%. Enticing local audiences to shop at your location, however, requires granular data which can pinpoint the real local shoppers who are capable of physically reaching your store and are also demographically likely to be enticed by your products.

Retailers can use tools like Spotzi in a variety of innovative ways to drive up the success of different approaches to local marketing. Our flexible platform and diverse data offerings ensure that you can always find the right combination of functionalities and data to boost your campaign.

Catchment Area Analysis for Local Level Marketing

Understanding the geographic factors which might limit the effectiveness of your retail marketing is essential for increasing foot traffic to your physical storefront. Targeting the people who work or live within a certain distance or travel time of your store ensures that those who see your marketing material actually have a realistic opportunity to visit your store and buy your product. 

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How far is someone willing to travel to visit your store? Well, that depends on the types of products you offer and how likely a person is to find more local alternatives. 93% of consumers say they'll travel 20 minutes or less for every-day purchases. Novelty items and electronics, however, are likely to reel in shoppers over a greater distance.

Spotzi can be used to analyze the location spread of your current customers and get an idea of how long the average shopper is traveling to make an appearance in your shop. You can also use our mapping platform to generate a catchment area around one or more of your locations.

"When done properly, [catchment marketing] allows you to more effectively market to your customers and save effort and money on wasted marketing materials." - safegraph

Once you understand where your current or future customers are drawn from, it's time to implement your catchment area analysis into a data-driven marketing strategy. Some examples of data-powered location-based advertising include:

Keep reading to learn more about using consumer insights and location data to boost your store’s sales success.

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1. Drive In-Store Traffic: Spotzi + OOH

Spotzi's global OOH database can be paired with dynamic audience profiling and targeting tools — offering users the ability to select the perfect OOH inventory for any campaign from over 140,000 screens around the world.

Use one of the following two targeting approaches to generate tailor-fit inventory lists and run data driven OOH campaigns within your brand's catchment area.

Select The Best Billboards Based On Location

Pair Spotzi's OOH database with our custom location filters in order to select OOH assets within a specified walk time, drive time, or distance radius of one or more of your stores.

Marketers can use this list of OOH assets to ensure that they reach the right audiences with their advertising, or can go a step further and create location-specific directional signs towards their brick-and-mortar locations.

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Select The Best Billboards Based On Audience Profiles

Who is your target audience, and how can you best reach them with your OOH campaign? Spotzi's audience filter can be used to locate the OOH assets which most efficiently target your best-fit customers. Do you have an existing list of customer addresses? This can be used to profile your current customers and find the billboards which target look-alike audiences — all within your pre-determined catchment area(s).

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2. Drive In-Store Traffic: Spotzi + Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns can be used to send in-store coupons or flyers to the addresses of both current and prospective customers. Aa shotgun approach to direct mail marketing, however, can be inefficient; mailing promotional materials to audiences with very little potential towards conversion can cost brands a lot of time and money which could be better used elsewhere.

Direct Mail Campaigns: Customer Story
Our platform has already helped a diverse list of clients find their best-fit customers. Click here to read about a popular meal-kit company's application of Spotzi's targeting tools story to see how our platform can be used to run efficient and cost-effective direct mail campaigns.

Use Spotzi to locate your target audience at address level — either by locating your existing customers’ audience look-a-likes, or by selecting a target audience using our audience profile builder — and export the addresses of the matching households within your catchment area. You can use this address list to ensure that your campaign materials are sent to the people who are most likely to visit your store and make a purchase.

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Drive In-Store Traffic: Spotzi + Online Ads

Create targeted online campaigns by selecting the right postal codes based on their populations' demographic profiles or proximity to your store(s).

You can use Spotzi's targeting tools to run a market-wide search for the highest concentrations of your target audience. The most promising postal codes can then be exported as a list and used to run targeted online campaigns. You can also use our drivetime app or radius filters to select the postal codes within a certain distance or travel time of any of your stores.

Geotargeting with Spotzi
Are you ready for our geomarketing platform to take your campaigns to the next level? Contact us to learn more about our Mapping, Profiling, and Targeting plans.

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