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Customer profiling uses location as key to enrich your customer data. In technical terms, this is called a spatil join. With our geomarketing platform, we have made this process easy for you, so you can start analyzing your customer base without any hassle. With this solution you can import your locations and connect it to our extensive range of customer insights, like demographics, customer behaviour, consumer spending, and many more.


Before you get started with customer profiling

Mapping your customers is the foundation of profiling them. Mapping your customers is done through geocoding, which is the process of converting addresses into points on the map. Before importing your customers, it is important to prepare your Excel or CSV file to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the geocoding process. Here are some tips to help you prepare your Excel or CSV file for geocoding:

Import your customers

1. Go to your home screen and open the MAP ADDRESSES option to start.

Import customers

2. Select the option FROM A FILE and click NEXT STEP.

Import file with customer addresses

3. Name your map and select the CSV or Excel file you would like to import. Click IMPORT to confirm.

Geocode addresses

4. Inform the geocoder of which dataset columns refer to a specific kind of location (e.g. a city name). Spotzi can autofill most columns for you, but you have the option of choosing other columns if necessary. If you have multiple values listed in one column (such as street names and house numbers) please select the same column for both location types. Press IMPORT when you're ready.

Import process

5. The geocoder will take a moment to analyze the file you provided and will inform you of its progress via a progress bar. Providing as much information as possible in the previous steps of this process will assist the Geocoder in performing a faster analysis.

6. Once completed, return to the homescreen. It's now time to profile your customers and add more data to your dashboard.

Profile your customers and add more graphs to your dashboard

Start Customer Profiling

1. To generate your consumer profile, open the CUSTOMER PROFILE option on the home screen.

Select Customer Dataset

2. Select the dataset you have just imported and click on NEXT STEP.

Select Profiling Data

3. Now, choose the following options:

Name Dashboard

4. Give your new consumer profiling dashboard a name and click on CREATE DASHBOARD to start the profiling process.

Open Dashboard

5. Once this process is complete, click on OPEN DASHBOARD.

View Customer Insights

6. You have profiled your customers and now have more insights into the average age and average household size. You can also utilize the dashboard filters for further analysis of your customers.

Add additional customer insights

To profile your customers, you need to add more data to your dashboard. Depending on your plan and the associated datasets, you can directly link the following data and insights to your dashboard:

Add additional customer insights

1. In this example, we are further enhancing this customer data from Canada with insights on consumer behaviour. This psychographic data, derived from consumer surveys, provides additional insights into lifestyle and personality, including how often they order takeout per month. To add insights, click one of the data subjects in the top bar.

To link these insights to the dashboard, select your country, aggregation level, dataset, and data for visualization. In this example, we have selected the following graphs:

Analyze consumer insights

2. Now, a graph block is added to your dashboard and is showing you more insights about your customers.


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