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Dashboard Filters Draw Selection

Spotzi Dashboards allow you to select multiple areas at once by simply hand-drawing any selection directly onto your map. Use this tool to look up multiple ZIP code areas simultaneously, or to analyze the demographics of any population relevant to your brand or business. 

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Adding an additional filter

  1. Click the FILTER button in the top left corner of your screen.
  2. Click + ADD FILTER and select the DRAW option.
  3. Draw your selection on the map.
  4. Name your filter and click ADD FILTER to confirm.
  5. Press APPLY FILTERS to visualize your filter on the map.

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Looking for more advanced filters?
Spotzi’s dashboards allow you to add and combine multiple filters in order to find your best-fit customer. This feature — we call it a filter collection — enables users to create any filter variation they need.
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