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Location Analytics

Our Location Analytics solution provides all the tools to analyze new areas, such as investigating opportunities for (international) expansion or expanding your marketing campaign to other regions.


Location Analysis

If you're looking for a new business location or expanding your marketing efforts to new areas, a thorough location analysis is essential. There are several approaches to conducting a location analysis:

Lookalike Audiences

If you have identified your ideal customer profile using customer profiling, you can easily search for areas that fall within the same profile. These are known as lookalike audiences. Follow the steps below to find your lookalike audiences. For illustration, let's use the following use case:

Imagine you're a office supply company looking to expand to Canada. Using consumer profiling of your current customers, you've found that the most valuable customers, fit the following profile:

Map postal codes

1. Based on this data, you can, similar to a location analysis, filter on these specific details. First, let's map the data for the Netherlands. Go to "Map Postal Codes".

Select postal code areas and country

2. First select the postal code boundaries, in this case, Canada - Dissemination Areas, you want to visualize and click NEXT STEP to confirm.

Skip this step

3. Now select SKIP THIS STEP, because we want to visualize the data of all areas of Canada.

4. Select the data on which to base the style of your dashboard. You can always change this at a later stage.

Create and name your dashboard

5. Name your dashboard and click CREATE DASHBOARD to start the process.

Add filters

6. Once you have created your dashboard, you can utilize the integrated data to filter the relevant areas. Go to filters and click on +ADD FILTER and add a DATA FILTER. Select the datasets that comply with your consumer profile. In this instance:

Add filters

7. Once you have set all the filters, click APPLY FILTERS to confirm. The dashboard will show you which areas fit your customer profile. The next step is to target these areas.

Competitor Mapping

If you want to conduct a competitor analysis for several areas, you'll look at the concentration of competitors within an area. First, you need to map the locations of your competitors. Then, we can use filters and radius to examine the level of competition. Follow these steps:

Find and add competitor locations POIs

1. Open your dashboard and go to APPS > POI APP. A menu will pop up. Here, you can set your search criteria.

Search POIs

2. Select how you want to search for POIs, either by location or radius.

Search competitors by location

  1. Select the country where you want to find your competitors. Then, you can find your competitors based on one or more filters you set.
    • Search POIs by selecting one of our 150 business categories.
    • Search POIs by selecting a brand.
    • Search POIs by using keywords.
  2. Click ADD POI, and your POIs will automatically be added to your map.
Competitor Analysis

Search competitors by radius

  1. Select a location on the map.
  2. Set your radius (100m, 500m, 1,000m, 2,500m, 5,000m, or a custom distance).
  3. To find your competitors, you have the following options:
    • Search POIs by selecting one of our 150 business categories.
    • Search POIs using keywords. This may come in handy when you only want to visualize businesses from certain brands such as Starbucks or McDonald's.
  4. Click ADD POI, and your POIs will automatically be added to your map.


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