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What is a map layer?

A map layer is a digital concept that simplifies the way we understand and interact with maps. Think of it as a set of organized sheets, each containing specific details about a geographic area. For example, one layer might show streets and highways, while another displays parks and green spaces. By stacking these layers, each representing different aspects of the area, you can create a comprehensive map that caters to various needs.

Editing Map Layers

These layers act as filters, allowing you to focus on specific information without cluttering the map with excessive details. They streamline the process of visualizing complex data by breaking it down into manageable parts. For instance, in a map application, you can easily switch between layers to view just postal code areas, then switch to another layer to see points of interest, like restaurants or landmarks.

In essence, map layers provide a structured way to explore and analyze geographic information. They empower users to customize maps according to their interests or research requirements. Whether you're researching new business locations, creating a heatmap of your customers, or exploring points of interest around the world, map layers offer a user-friendly and intuitive approach to navigating the world digitally.

Change Map Layer Order

With the Spotzi geomarketing platform you can create dashboards by stacking up tons of map layers. You can add new map layers and have many map layer options to create the insights you need.

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New Partnership with OOH Info LLC: Revolutionizing OOH Optimization