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What is a spatial join?

A spatial join with geomarketing data is like combining two puzzle pieces to see the bigger picture. In this case, one puzzle piece is your location-based data, and the other piece is information about specific geographic areas or regions.

Here's how it works:

  1. Location Data: You have data points that represent locations, like your customers' addresses or store locations. Each data point has some information, like the customer's name or the store's sales figures.
  2. Geographic Areas: You also have data that defines different geographic areas, like ZIP codes, neighborhoods, or regions. Each of these areas may have its own data, such as the average income or population.
  3. Bringing Them Together: With a spatial join, you match up your location data with the geographic areas. It's like saying, "Which customer or store belongs to which area?" You link the two pieces of information based on their spatial relationship.
  4. Adding Information: Once you've matched them up, you can now add the data from the geographic areas to your location data. For example, you can find out the average income of the area where each customer lives or the population of the region where your store is located.
  5. Insights and Decisions: Now that you have this combined data, you can make better decisions and gain insights. For example, you might see that customers in higher-income areas tend to buy more, or you might realize that a store located in a densely populated region has higher foot traffic.

In a nutshell, a spatial join with geomarketing data is all about merging two sets of data based on where they are in the world. This helps you see patterns and relationships between your location data and the characteristics of different geographic areas, which can be incredibly useful for business decisions and understanding your target audience better.

Connecting Data with Spotzi. Fast and Simple.

With Spotzi, we make the process of linking data to geographical areas even simpler. Location Profiling and Customer Profiling uses the power of spatial join to help you gain more insights into customers. Our database already contains an extensive collection of premium consumer data at various geographic levels. This has helped many Spotzi users with enriching their customer data and generate valuable insights into their customer base.

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