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Postal Codes Slovakia

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5-Digit Postal Codes Slovakia

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Postal Codes in Slovakia

The Slovakian 5-digit postal code system was introduced in 1973, during the period when Slovakia was still part of Czechoslovakia. After Slovakia gained its independence in 1993, the postal code system was revised to reflect the new country's administrative divisions. During this change, the system was expanded to six digits, with the first three digits representing the district and the last three digits identifying the specific post office or delivery area within the district. During another revision in 2004, the postal code format was brought back to five digits, where the third and fourth digit separated by a space. Today, the Slovakian postal code system is an essential part of the country's postal service (Slovenská Pošta, S.P.), helping to ensure the accurate and timely delivery of mail and packages to their intended destinations.

5-Digit Postal Codes Slovakia

5-digit postal code map of Slovakia for a quick lookup of every postal code area

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About Slovakian Postal Codes

Does Slovakia have ZIP Codes?

Yes. These are better known as area postal codes (or: poštové smerovacie číslo). People also refer to postal codes as PIN codes. This is an short for Postal Index Number.

What is the length of postal codes in Slovakia?

The length of a ZIP code in Slovakia consists of 5 characters. These are 5 digits.

How are Slovakian ZIP codes structured?

Slovakian postal codes consist of five characters. These characters represent the following:

How many postal codes are there in Slovakia?

Currently, the Slovakian 5-digit postal code database consists of around 5400 areas.

What's the current postal code range in Slovakia?

The current postal codes (poštové smerovacie číslo) in Slovakia (SK) range from 010 01 – 991 26. The lowest 5-digit postal code (010 01) targets the city of Žilina; A city in the northwestern part of Slovakia. The highest postal code (991 26) is located in Nenince; A small municipality in the Banská Bystrica region.

Slovakia ZIP Code Targeting

ZIP codes or postal codes are a great way to accurately target your best-fit customers. Especially when you attach more customer data to each postal code area. This allows you to not only visualize data from a helicopter view. You are also able to create segmented postal code lists you can use for your next marketing campaign.

Slovakia postal code boundaries. The key to more consumer insights.

Spotzi not only shows postal codes on the map, but offers a true targeting tool for you as a marketer or sales professional. With over thousands of characteristics at zip code level from reliable sources like Spotzi, we can give you more insight into the areas that are of interest to you. Insights that allow you to build more targeted, more relevant and more effective (online) campaigns.

Use Cases with Slovakian Postal Codes

Postal codes offer an inexhaustible source of insights for businesses. Many of our clients have already used our ZIP code database to identify new opportunities and use their budgets in a more effective and targeted way. See some interesting use cases below:

Using zip codes for geographic customer segmentation
Create a heatmap of customers at the ZIP code level and see at a glance where your marketing efforts need an extra boost.

Search ZIP codes within a radius
Are you working on a local (online) campaign and do you want more insight into consumer behaviour? With Spotzi you pick one or more locations and set your radius. This allows you to search for postal code areas within a particular radius, but it also helps you to gain more insight into consumer behaviour. Learn more

Search postal codes within a certain travel distance
In addition to radius, you are also able search for postal codes within a certain travel time. Both foot traffic and car traffic. Still a large area to target? Segment your audience with other consumer characteristics like as spending behavior, demographics or income. Learn more

ZIP codes for online targeting
Combine the power of Spotzi with your online marketing tool. With Spotzi, you can build segments based on thousands of attributes and create zip code lists that you can use to target your audience through Google Ads / Facebook Ads. Learn more

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