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Belgium’s Disposable Income data is now available to Spotzi users worldwide. This data is offered at postal code level, and provides the most accurate insights into the net income (purchasing power) of individuals and households across Belgium.

Instant access to Belgium’s Disposable Income dataset is offered as a part of our Spotzi Professional dashboard. Our intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use data tools have streamlined the process of key audience targeting. This allows users to:

  • Expand into new markets.
  • Target like-minded audiences.
  • Gain a broader understanding of existing customers.
  • Save time on complex data management.

If you’re a data analyst looking for a more in-depth analytics tool, try our Spotzi Enterprise dashboard. This dashboard gives data professionals the option to perform more complex data analytics while allowing them to simply export their findings for all their clients’ needs.

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Keep scrolling to learn more about disposable income data, our reliable data sources, and what insights into audience purchasing power can mean for your brand.

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Detailed audience insights are the driving force behind strategic, data-driven marketing campaigns. Disposable Income data can help brands find and target the right audiences—whether they be luxury enthusiasts or families on a budget. Use this data alongside our analytics tools to plan strategic Out-Of-Home campaigns, increase your marketing effectiveness, and conserve valuable company resources.

Our dashboards offer Disposable Income data for 42 European countries, Canada, the US, and more. These datasets contain the following information at postal code level:

  • The total number of inhabitants per postal code.
  • The total number of households per postal code.
  • The total disposable income per postal code.
  • The average inhabitant’s disposable income per postal code.
  • The average household’s disposable income per postal code.

All Disposable Income data is offered as a percentage, as a country-wide index, and as a Euro-wide index. The country-wide index compares each postal code’s data to the country average. Similarly, the Euro-wide index offers an insight into how each postal code compares to those across the rest of Europe.

Our Sources:

Spotzi proudly partners with  GfK  to ensure we’re offering clients the most accurate Disposable Income data on the market. Our partnership with GfK—a global leader in data and analytics—allows us to enhance our intuitive dashboards with the most accurate, up-to-date data insights via a diverse and private network of resources.


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More details about this data

Disposable Income—or purchasing power—refers to the amount of money an individual has at their disposal over a particular period of time. In other words, it is their (or their household’s) net income after taxes and other employer deductions.

How can Purchasing power data benefit my business?

Assessing your target audience is crucial when marketing any product or service. The interests, budget, and lifestyle of a consumer or audience will impact any marketing campaign’s effectiveness—for better or worse.

Disposable income data provides valuable insights when targeting the right audience for your brand, and will therefore help you get the most out of each marketing campaign.

What insights can you gain from this data?

Our intuitive dashboards allow you to breeze through otherwise-complex data analytics with the push of a button. Use any of our datasets in a variety of insightful ways to answer questions unique to your brand. Here are some examples of what you can learn using Belgium’s Disposable Income dataset:

  • What is the average disposable income of your existing Belgian customer base?
  • What is Brussels’ current average disposable income per capita?
  • Which Belgian postal code area has the highest disposable income? The lowest?
  • What is the average household income within a particular postal code boundary?
  • Which postal codes’ demographics are the most similar to your current customer base?
  • Which postal codes offer the highest potential for interest in your products or services?
  • Are there any clusters of postal codes with especially high purchasing power? Where are they?
  • How does each postal code’s disposable income compare to the national average?
  • How high is the Belgian income inequality?
  • Which areas house the most affluent consumers?
  • What is the most optimal location for your new store or business?

All data is expressed in the national currency of Belgium (Euros).

How can you compare Belgian Disposable Income data?

Spotzi offers disposable income data as a national index to enhance the comparability between different postal code boundaries.

We calculate the national average disposable income for each country, and set this as a baseline (index of 100). Postal codes with a higher average disposable income than the national average will index higher (an index of 101+). An index of 200 would indicate that a postal code’s average disposable income is twice that of the nation, and a postal code indexing at 50 would have half of the average disposable income when compared to the national average.

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