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Create a map

Creating custom maps has never been easier. Spotzi’s interface allows you to add points, lines, and polygons to every map — both manually and via the use of an external file (such as a KML). Simply click to add a new point to your map or upload an Excel file with a list of the locations you’d like to visualize. You can then gain detailed insights into any of these points, lines, and polygons with the use of our insightful dashboards.

Step-by-step explanation

1. Login to your Spotzi account.

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2. Open My Maps and click CREATE MAP.

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3. Choose between the following options:

Create map from scratch

1. Select the FROM SCRATCH option and click NEXT STEP to confirm.

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2. Name your new map and dataset. Click CREATE MAP to confirm; you will receive a confirmation when your map and dataset are ready to go.

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3. Press the OPEN MAP button to start adding points, lines or polygons. Ensure you create a new layer for each type of object (i.e a layer for points must be separate from your polygon layer).

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4. Select the map feature you want to add (point, line, or polygon.)

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5. Begin clicking on your map to add your feature(s).

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6. Confirm your additions by clicking the SAVE button..

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7. If you’re unsatisfied with the location of any of your features you can simply drag and drop your point, line or polygon to a new spot on your map.

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Keep in mind that you can only add one feature type per layer; this means that you can add points to a layer with existing points on it, but must create a new layer to begin adding lines or polygons to your map.

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