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6-Digit Postal Codes

The Netherlands
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6-Digit Postal Codes

6-Digit Postal Codes The Netherlands

Optimize your audience targeting with Spotzi’s postal code level data. Our postal code dataset provides boundaries and insights for all of the Netherlands’ postal codes, and allows you to export these boundaries for all your marketing needs. Expand into new markets, target like-minded audiences, or broaden your understanding of existing customers—all without having to devote time to complex data management.

We developed our postal code boundary database using each country’s address data, and provide access to these databases as a part of Spotzi Professional.
Our intuitive dashboards and easy-to-use data tools have streamlined the process of postal code targeting. Simply select the area(s) you’d like to target, and your postal codes will be ready for export. These postal codes can then be uploaded into Facebook or Google Ads when you’re ready to find your best-fit customer.

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About The Netherlands’ Postal Codes

The Netherlands’ postal code data depicts boundaries across all of the country’s geographic regions. These postal codes—also known as postcodes—were introduced to the Netherlands by the Dutch postal service (PostNL) to facilitate efficient mail routing across the country. The three BES-islands are not currently integrated into the Netherlands’ postal code system.

Postal Code Structure in the Netherlands

The Netherlands’ postal codes have a 6-digit structure, and consist of four numbers and two letters. These digits represent the following:

  • 11xxxx: The first two digits target a specific region in The Netherlands.
  • xx11xx: The third and fourth digits correspond to a specific neighbourhood or village.
  • xxxxAA: The two letters at the end of the postcode indicate a street or one of its sections.

Current Postal Code Range in The Netherlands

The current postal codes in The Netherlands range from 1011AA – 9999ZZ.

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