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The true power of our dashboard lies in the ability to create the most advanced filters. You can upload an extensive lists of postal codes (Excel file) to only show assets that are located in your defined postal code areas, but you can also create filter by simply drawing your filters on the map. Best of all, you can also combine multiple filters for the most advanced insights.

With Spotzi you can create different kinds of filters and combine them.

Deleting filters

When creating a new filter, this will automatically be added to the filter that you already defined earlier. Every active filter can be found in the bar above. When you want to create a new filter, you have to delete the active filters first by clicking the small x icon. Dashboard Filters - Deleting filters from dashboard

Combining multiple filters

As mentioned earlier. Every filter you add to your dashboard will be added to the filters you already set. Dashboard Filters - Combining multiple filters in Spotzi dashboards

Please notice how you order your filters
The order of these filters is very important when creating an advanced filter based on multiple criteria. So when you first create a filter based on a selection you have drawn and you add a data-based filter after. This filter will be applied to the drawn filter you defined earlier.

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