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Consumer Behaviour

More insight into consumer behavior, attitude and interests are the key to a more targeted and more effective marketing strategy. You have access to data, but how do you ensure that these insights ultimately result in targeted campaigns? With Spotzi we want to simplify the process from analysis to strategy. How? By mapping the data in our geomarketing dashboards. Map data on consumer behavior by postcode or profile current customers based on location. The data is ready for use in the geomarketing dashboard. This way you as a Spotzi user can immediately get started with your analysis and turn them in targeted, data -driven campaigns.

This consumer behaviour data is available as an add-on for Spotzi profiling and Spotzi Targeting .

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thumbnail Spotzi Audiences now available via Programmatic OOH


Spotzi Audiences now available via Programmatic OOH

Spotzi Audiences are now available on the programmatic Out-of-Home (OOH) platform by Sage+Archer (Vistar Media) for targeted Out-of-Home campaigns.